Because…Writer’s Block…

OK Erica. I’ll bite. But only because I’m trying to beat Ashley to it since I don’t even know 11 writers and I want to make sure I tag them before she does.

Blatantly plagiarized from @writegavingayle per his blog, “Erica Lynn, the prolific author of the Love And Justice series has asked me to complete the Sunshine Blogger Awards 11 question chain letter. Per the description on her site:

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is a ‘get to know the writer better’ type of blogging exercise, with a couple of rules attached:

  1. Answer all 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Nominate eleven bloggers in return and write eleven (possibly fiendish) questions for them to answer.”

Okie dokie:

  1. Do you have a favorite character? If so, who? (Can be from your own work, or something you’ve read before.)

Hmm…already stumped on the first question. The kind of books I read don’t really provide what I’d consider a worthwhile character, someone good enough to be considered a favorite, anyway. They’re usually seriously flawed, almost past the point of redemption. But in that regard, seriously flawed characters can be fun, and the one sticking out in my mind right now is Fiona Drazen from Songs of Perdition. The fact that she made it through that book still breathing is pretty impressive.

  1. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Dirty Dancing. Why? Really? Next…

  1. Do you write under a pen name? If so, why?

Yep. Small town and why not?

  1. Name one thing from your bucket list and explain why it’s on there.

To live in Italy. Anywhere in Europe, really. But Italy is my preference. Why? Wine.

  1. We all have our guilty pleasures… what’s one of yours? (for example, I love, love, LOVE reality TV.)

Super long bubble baths with Bordeaux and an awesome book. It’s not so much a guilty pleasure as a daily occurrence, but there you go.

  1. If you could only recommend one book, what would that book be and why?

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Two sisters surviving Nazi occupied France. OMG. It may be fictionalized, but EVERYONE should read this book. So beautiful.

  1. What is one way you show people you love them?

Well…I used to clean the house, cook, grocery shop. But then I discovered writing and now I say “hi” when we pass each other in the kitchen.

  1.   What do you feel you need to fix / adjust in your writing style?

I need to listen to my own voice and quit comparing myself to everyone else.

  1. What are your favorite genres to read?

Romance, romance, and romance. The sweeter the better

  1. What is your ultimate goal as a writer? I’m talking your big picture, I’ve made it dream.

Big picture to me is people actually wanting to read my book, then having more of them like it than hate it.

  1. I saved the most important question for last… I feel like there are 3 types of people in this world. People who like the Sharknado movies, the ones who don’t, and the ones who haven’t seen them (mind boggling!). This question alone tells you a lot about a person. So, which one are you? If you’ve seen them, did you like them or not? Why? (FYI… I LOVE THEM!)

I’ve managed to avoid them, but I did mention them in my book. Does that count?


So now my 11 questions and the people who are to answer them…

  1. Best Halloween costume you’ve ever donned?
  2. When’s the last time you did something really stupid?
  3. Who do you stalk on social media?
  4. What book would you like to see made into a movie?
  5. F&ck, marry, kill: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, —or— Chandler, Ross, Joey?
  6. Jim Morrison, Van Morrison, or no Morrison?
  7. Favorite place you’ve traveled?
  8. Last book that turned you to mush?
  9. Last book you wanted to throw across the room in a heated rage?
  10. Favorite book cover?
  11. Favorite book by a new writer?!)

Tagging: (and I don’t want to double tag so I’m only going with 8!)












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