The Write Drunk, Edit When You Get Home 2016 Summer Writers’ Retreat

After months of waiting with bated breath, I finally got to meet some of my favorite book peeps!  But it didn’t feel like I was “meeting” them. It felt like I’ve known them forever. There was no awkward introductory period; we just fell into the same crazy convos and antics we get into online.

For our first retreat, we had three writers (Erica Lynn, Ashley Drew, and myself), an avid reader (Fabi), a couple of husbands (Erica’s and mine) and a poodle (Alice Malice). Neil Christiansen had to cancel, but he was here in spirit!

We ate a lot. We drank even more. We made margaritas, bloody marys, pina coladas, mojitos, mimosas, micheladas. We taught Ashley about “hair of the dog” and that coozies didn’t go out in the eighties. We talked about books. We talked about hot guys on twitter. We stalked hot guys on twitter. We talked about books some more. We laughed. We floated the river. We slip n’ slide-d. We played table pong and washers.


We watched Fabi kick our asses at Cards Against Humanity. We watched distorted eighties porn on the side of the house while listening to “Peter the old British guy” read naughty scenes from our books (Thanks Neil for your contribution!). We had a seafood boil. We had midnight banana splits with Erica’s homemade ice cream. We had theme dinners for Never Stop Falling, In the Shadows, and one of Fabi’s favorite books, Surviving Raine. We turned ribs to sawdust (yeah okay, that was me).

The only thing we didn’t do, oddly enough, was write!

Erica, Ashley, and Fabi…I heart you guys big time! You’re not just some of my favorite book peeps anymore, you’re some of my favorite peeps period. I can’t wait to do this again come winter. Yes, I said winter. There’s no way in hell we’re waiting a whole year, so check your calendars and get back to me!