All Hail the Book Boyfriend

titleFebruary is the month of love, and in that spirit, I’d like to pay tribute to one of the things I love the most: BOOK BOYFRIENDS.

If you’re a romance enthusiast like myself, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those impeccably penned heroes who keep you glued to the page, reading late into the night, ooh-ing and ahh-ing and ohmygod-ing.

Everyone has their tropes of choice. Most of my friends go gaga over the alpha male (Travis), and if he’s a billionaire (Gideon), bonus. Some are suckers for the dangerous anti-hero (Caleb), or the womanizing rock star (Kellan). I prefer the boy next door (Nick), broken if possible (Gabriel), with a side of single dad (Cory).


What propels an average book hero to BOOK BOYFRIEND status? That depends on the swoonreader, and what makes her swoon. BOOK BOYFRIENDS are designed to be perfect (or perfectly imperfect) and perfection in romance is subjective. Take Kellan Kyle for example (the womanizing rock star mentioned above). Everyone loves him…except me. He’s hot; I can’t argue that, but he’s also hot for his best friend’s girl, and the second he acted on it, my swoon-o-meter reset to zero. I don’t get him at all. But you know who I do get? Caleb (the dangerous anti-hero mentioned above). For whatever reason, I fell hard for Caleb. Sweet, kidnapping, abusive, sex slave trafficking Caleb. See what I mean? Subjective.

9991076-177826928_20-s1-v1.pngFor the most part (sweet, kidnapping, abusive, sex slave traffickers excluded) BOOK BOYFRIENDS never cheat. They would never even consider it, and if you happen to find one in bed with a naked woman, you best believe there’s an explanation (Reed).

BOOK BOYFRIENDS are always gorgeous. Even with messy hair and ill-fitting clothes (Jacob). Even when they haven’t taken a proper shower in three years (TJ).

BOOK BOYFRIENDS always say the perfect thing. They may say a lot of bullshit first, but eventually, they get there (Colton).

BOOK BOYFRIENDS have magical morning breath and lickable sweat. They never fart or belch. They tend to come fully accessorized with cars, houses, jobs, defined abs, and certain desirable…ahem…talents. They’re great with kids, they love to cuddle, and they always smell amazing. Always.

And best of all, the sun rises and sets with their heroine. She can be an awkward, clumsy, scarred, flawed, wary, cynical, needy, jealous, slightly neurotic, penniless Plain Jane and she’s still perfect (or perfectly imperfect) to him.

To Nick, Cory, Erik, Gabriel, Jesse, Sam, Henry, Will, Elliot, Caleb, Alex, Jonah, Theo, Noah, Ben, Ryan, Angelo, Matt, Trent, Nate, Conner, Evan, Francis, Anders, Chris, Brett, Damien, Brooks, Beckett, Cole, Colton, Miles, TJ, Jacob, and especially Darian… I HEART YOU.


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